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Pierre Robin Sequence Foundation (PRSF) is a Worldwide South African based non profit organisation that has been established to support families and individuals affected by Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS) and its associated syndromes. 

  • Our main objectives are to create awareness of Pierre Robin Sequence and associated syndromes worldwide;
  • To work in collaboration with other organisations that mainly deals with children’s health, welfare, transformation and education;
  • Our priority and focus would be to provide the financial assistance for children requiring facial cranial reconstructive surgery who would otherwise not have the means to do so.

Pierre Robin Sequence Foundation is a support group designed to connect Moms and other family members who’s loved ones are affected by PRS.

God Gives Special Babies to Special Parents (They are the ones God has chosen for his purpose, and he has always known who his chosen ones would be. Romans 8:28)


We do not discriminate between race, colour, religion, or nationality; we do however work on a Christian background with Christian values and morels, but will not turn anyone away due to your beliefs.

PRSF is a network of parents/caregivers giving out advice from their personal experiences, and not from medical licensing or background. We cannot moderate every comment, post all questions immediately when you send them and we do not claim to be more knowledgeable than a medical probationer or specialist. Please, if you have an “Urgent” question, seek out a medical professional or call your local Dr. We are glad to help you with support and share our stories with you, just remember, we are not a substitute for a medical professional!

Please note all pictures that are sent through to be loaded on this site will be loaded at our discretion. ALL pictures will placed in a frame with our logo & teddy stamp on it. Testimonies that you send through will be posted to our Facebook Page or our Facebook Group but will not be used for any other media unless prior permission has been acquired.

NOTE: The treatments listed on this website may vary to the treatments you have available in your country… This website is set up in such a way that we try to accommodate and help all those affected with PRS Worldwide.

sms “PRSF” to 38231 to donate R10 to help and support those effected with PRS