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Callum Steventon – Born 5 April 2012

Callum’s PRS story, I Prom’s (premature pre term rupture of membranes) at 23 weeks pregnant, I was in and out of hospital from 24 weeks, on bed rest as my waters were leaking and I was advised to terminate the pregnancy as there was very little chance that Callum would survive.

I decided against it as little chance didn’t mean no chance, I was put on antibiotics incase of infection setting in, I caught an infection at 24 weeks and started to show signs of labouring. I begged the Dr’s to give my baby a surviving chance, I was taken into hospital put on more antibiotics and was on complete bed rest, labour stopped and the infection cleared and I was allowed home to rest.

I was in and out of hospital for a total of 12 weeks having scans, blood tests, steroid injections and checked for infections, I refused to give up the fight for him, at 36 weeks the consultant decided enough was enough and they were going to induce me, after a 12 hour labour Callum was born at 36 weeks and 1 day gestation.

They took him away so that the peads could check his lungs and such which is when we found out that he had a cleft palate. That day and night on the ward I struggled to feed him, his blood sugars were dropping dangerously low the midwives were making me force feed him every hour which took half an hour to get 10 ml into him, I also noticed that Callum was chocking when laid on his back. I was told that it was normal all newborns do it, luckily I already knew that it wasn’t normal as I’d already got 3 children so I instinctively lay him on his side which I got shouted at for on numerous occasions.

The next morning the specialist cleft nurse came to see us and after telling her my worries and her checking him over she then realised he had got PRS as well as the cleft, she immediately told the docs he needed extra care, he got taken to the NICU and was given an NG feeding tube, and was nursed and changed on his side, he made excellent progressed and came home 7 days later.

He was in and out of hospital for 6 months due to various breathing issues but always fought his way through it. He had his soft palate repaired at 10 months old, he is now 12 months old and is doing great, he’s now orally fed so doesn’t require the feeding tube and is just moving onto lumpy solids, he’s due another operation within the next year to repair his hard palate, but callum is a fighter and will be such a strong amazing young boy…. God gives special babies to special parents. Never give up the fight for your child it’s difficult at first but it DOES get easier xxxxx