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Finn Odum – Born 25 November 2008

Our son Chance Finley “Finn” was born November 2011. We had had a great pregnancy and were expecting our first boy after two girls.  Like I said my pregnancy was easy and my delivery was exactly like I had planned.  Once our son was born they placed him on my chest and we were waiting for the cord to stop pulsating (a request I had made before hand).

We noticed that he was still blue and they took him over, once they took him over I noticed everyone going over to him, even my midwife (which I knew wasn’t supposed to happen). I started asking what was wrong and no one would answer me. I looked at my husband and he knew, he went over and a few min later the midwife came over to me and told me she was pretty sure our son had a condition called Pierre Robin, and that they were going to take him to the nursery and that the local children’s hospital had been called (our hospital didn’t have a NICU) and that our son wasn’t able to breathe on his own.

I wasn’t able to see our son till he was about an hour old and even then I was only able to rub his hand cause they Dr’s weren’t able to intubate him yet (they were having a hard time) so the Dr was bagging him till the ambulance got there. My husband went to the children’s hospital with our son and I was released the next morning and went straight to the children’s hospital.

When I got there I was caught up on everything before I got to see our son and was prepped for what he would look like (tubes and wires everywhere). We found that he needed jaw distraction right away, which was done when he was a week old. He wasn’t able to feed with a bottle because he was intubated and he got extubated when he was 5 weeks old, we finally got to take him home when he was 6 weeks old (just before Christmas that year).

We have gone through LOTS of therapy, 8 other surgeries (which included g-tube, 2 sets of ear tubes, palate repair, draining incision sites cause they were infected, g-tube removal and closure of tube site). We still have speech issues, we still battle low muscle tone and some other issues we think he has with muscle control and a few other things, but at 4 yrs old he is the light of our lives and his two older sisters adore him more than anything.