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Kaidyn – Born 30 May 2011

This is my 25 mo old Kaidyn  (pronounced like Kai). When she was born they took her away from me only seconds after placing her in my arms because she was not breathing well. They discovered she had a cleft palate and within an hour told us she had Pierre Robin which we had never heard of before.They transferred her immediately to a hospital that was better equipped to care for her. We were thankful that our hospital knew their limitations and did not hesitate to send her somewhere else. After some time in the NICU she was sent home with a car bed, apnea monitor and a pulse ox machine.  It seems like we spent a lot of time that first 10 months or so pulled over on the side of the road holding her to get her oxygen levels back up because they would drastically drop in her car bed and later her car seat whenever she would cry.

We were lucky that she did not require a feeding tube and we fed her with a haberman bottle. The first year she had lots of feeding issues and her apnea  monitor went off daily.  We were lucky that she was born tongue-tied as this actually helped keep her tongue forward and kept her breathing problems from being more severe. She had her cleft repaired at 19 months and they are waiting until she is older to decide about a jaw distraction.

At age 2 she is quite a bit behind with her speech development and slightly behind with her physical development. She sees a speech and a physical therapist to try to get her caught up. Other than these minor obstacles she is a happy, sweet, mild-mannered 2 year old little girl.  She is such a blessing.